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NBA Logo Playoffs - Elite Eight

We’re onto our third matchup of the Elite Eight, and this one’s a really doozy.

On top we’ve got an old-school Timberwolves logo, whose success has been due to a sharp design and some cool mint colors. On bottom, we have the Grizzlies as underdogs, who have benefited slightly from a weaker playoff path but have still risen to the top as tourney favorites.

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NBA Logo Playoffs - Round 1

The first round of the NBA Logo Playoffs is almost wrapped up. Tomorrow will be the final day of matchups, and then we will either start the second round or wait until next week.

Today we have two alternate logos, the Hornets and the Grizzlies, squaring off. In the other ring, two great 90s logos are facing off as the Rockets take on the Pistons.

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NBA Logo Playoffs - Round 1

The first round of the NBA Logo Playoffs is drawing to a close, as the last matchups of the first round are scheduled for tomorrow.

Today we’ve got two alternate logos (Hornets and Grizzlies) squaring off, while two great logos from the 90s (Rockets and Pistons) face off.

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NBA Logo Playoffs - Round 1

I will post the bracket right after this post, so you can see each team’s path to the championship. Every matchup was selected randomly except for teams with two logos, as they were pitted against each other.

Today we’ve got a really fun matchup, as the now-defunct-but-ever-eternal Oakland Oaks logo is taking on the also-defunct Vancouver Grizzlies. The other matchup is pitting two cool Knicks logos against each other…

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