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The NBA Playoffs are a Game of Thrones


…And Russell Westbrook is Bran Stark

"In my dream we’re trying to win the championship when the opposing team goes on a run and Coach Brooks says call a timeout. So I do. But the ref is not looking at me. He won’t call it.

What does he look at child?

"He’s looking at a… a three-eyed raven. It’s up their in the rafters. I climb up to it. But when I get there, it’s not a raven at all. IT’S… it’s

Yeah? Go on then. It’s what?

It’s Patrick Beverley.

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The NBA Playoffs is a Game of Thrones


…and Kobe Bryant is Tywin Lannister

"Sir Mike D’Antoni of House D’Antoni as a reward for your accomplishment of barely getting us into the playoffs we will find you accommodations suited to your name – I hear Mike Brown’s house is on the market. And when the time is right you will be given a position fit for your talents, Utah maybe. And I would let myself be consumed by MAGGOTS before mocking the Laker name by making you heir to Sir Philip’s legacy."



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The NBA Playoffs is a Game of Thrones …

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And “Rajon Rondo/Kevin Garnett” are “Tyrion Lannister/Bronn”

These entitled opponents are what I’m good at. Out-playing them, out-thinking them. It’s what I am. KG do you know what they say about South Beach?

I’m sure you’ll tell me.”

They say it’s impregnable.

Give me eight good men and three neutral refs. I’ll impregnate the bitch.”

I like you.

BirdMagic by 3030fm

Larry Bird & Magic Johnson last night on The Late Show with David Letterman. Word to this. It’s a delight.

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Had to.

Had to.

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