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As reported last month, two-time NBA Champion Adam Morrison has signed with Serbia’s Red Star Belgrade. 

It’s been lull since the announcement but we can only assume Adam has made a playlist of nothing but Pantera and Rage Against The Machine songs on his iPod and has been vigorously training for the Euro league. 

And then this happened.

In a friendly—or should I say not so friendly amirite? amirite?—game, Adam Morrison gets ejected after getting in a bit of a scuffle with Bayern Munich’s Bogdan Radosavljevic. Adam scored 17 points and got 6 rebounds but more importantly, showed Bayern Munich and all of the Euro league the almighty wrath of a former college superstar and twice over NBA champion who looks like a member of Dethklok from the TV show Metalocalypse.

The lockout continues.


Final 6 minutes of the Serbia/Turkey semi finals!!! Exciting basketball how I missed you.


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