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Free Throws: Dwight Howard, Mark Price and America

Let’s talk free throws for a minute.

Last night Dwight Howard set the NBA record for free throw attempts in a game (39), but hitting only 21 of them didn’t really bring him close to breaking the record for free throws made in a made (Chamberlain, 28). 

Meanwhile in Milwaukee, the Pistons and Bucks set another free throw record, combining to hit all 41 out of 41 free throws on the night. Greg Monroe, a career 77% charity striper, went 8 for 8, also putting up 32 points and 16 rebounds.

For that, Mark Price applauds you. Mark Price and America applaud you.

(via: realkingfish)

Shout out to Mark Price, and to all the boys everywhere who love using Aqua Net.


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