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And here’s Gerald Green with the most underrated contest dunk in All-Star history, The Birthday Cake. It’s clear why it was unappreciated in its time; live, it was hard to see what exactly Green was doing. But on the replay, you can’t help but be impressed by the delicacy of Green’s move - he blows out the candle and dunks so gently that the cupcake stays on the back of the rim. In a contest that was ultimately won by Dwight Howard in a Superman cape throwing the ball in from a few feet away - not technically dunking at all - Green’s dunk was a true artistic statement. Of course, he didn’t even make the finals.

Quite a field for the Slam Dunk Contest this weekend. The West squad includes defending champ Jeremy Evans, plus super-athletes Eric Bledsoe and the Manimal, Kenneth Faried, while the East team has 2007 champ Gerald Green, plus rookie Terrence Ross, and dunk legend James “Flight” White. No one’s ever questioned White’s slam dunk ability, but this is the first year he’s been on an NBA roster long enough to be selected.

It’s anyone’s contest, but the most intriguing matchup is between Green and White, who have met before in the 2010 Russian Cup, pictured above. If those two brought it that hard for a Russian slam dunk contest where the prize was apparently a framed certificate and a bowl of hot soup, imagine what they’re going to do for All-Star Saturday.

Thanks to Gerald Green, Sir Isaac Newton might have to rethink this whole “gravity” thing. 


(Source: thegrandarchives)

The Pacers’ Gerald Green can’t find the remote. Nope. Not up there.

The Pacers’ Gerald Green can’t find the remote. Nope. Not up there.

SLAMAJAMA feat. Gerald Green

The most underrated competition dunk of all time: Gerald Green blows out the candle on his Birthday Cake.

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