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Russell Westbrook’s game winner Vine’d via @royceyoung​ of the Daily Thunder.

This game winning tip-in proves it. He is the new Kareem. So as Denver waves goodbye to Tim Tebow make room for a new era. The JaVale McGee dynasty has begun!

The Chicago vs. Milwaukee game was a lot like the 90s in that it ended with a Bulls game winner.

Hi, gotta make this quick because flying to Atlanta for research study on prefrontal cortex inside Jamal Crawford’s brain to see if it has ability to reason the limits of possibility, okay bai bye.


(via knicksfury:itsmelotime)

"I do this!"

Those were the three words Carmelo Anthony yelled to the Memphis Grizzlies' bench as the final buzzer sounded, Anthony reveling in the glory of hitting his first game-winning shot as a member of the New York Knicks.

~Chris Sheridan, ESPN

(Source: massacre-on-madison)

In Case You Missed It: Rudy Gay hits another game-winner, this time vs. the Raptors

Also, NSFW (language) but must watch: Fan reaction and play-by-play to Rudy Gay’s shot

(h/t @tasmelas & @sbnation)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Kevin Durant’s game-winner vs. the Knicks

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! Tyreke Evans with the game-winning dreamshake fadeaway over Kenyon Martin. Brandon Jennings, dig the new hairstyle and all, I’m a let you finish, but you’re gonna need to do more than that to beat out Tyreke Evans for ROY.

via makesco

Brad Miller’s super clutch buzzer-beater 3 vs. the Nuggets. Unfortunately, refs say it’s no good. Sorry Chitown.

via @jose3030

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