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A Bunch Of Dunks

Music : “The Enemy (Bink Remix)” by DITC


Dunks, dunks & more dunks.

Music by Kaytranada


Air Bargs - it’s gotta be the scarpe!


The pretty, pretty good dunks of 2012.

Song: Al Patron "Midnight"

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Harrison Barnes does the nasty on Nikola Pekovic. 


Thanks to Gerald Green, Sir Isaac Newton might have to rethink this whole “gravity” thing. 


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SLAMAJAMA feat. Gerald Green

In Case You Missed It…

Blake Griffin dunks on teammate DeAndre Jordan

This other Blake Griffin dunk was pretty good, too. 

This other Blake Griffin dunk was pretty good, too. 

Kevin Durant @ the Drew League.


Gordon Hayward with the left-handed BOOMSHAKALAKA.

Beat By Araabmuzik.

Andre Iguodala destroys the man they call Air Congo.

via Outside The NBA

O&A: Dunkfest (LAC vs NYK- 2.9.2011)

Elzhi “Clash of the Titans”

feat. Timo Mozgov, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Wilson Chandler.

DeAndre Jordan (LAC) - 12.4 minutes played per dunk
Derrick Brown (CHA) - 13.2
Shaquille O’Neal (BOS) - 13.8
JaVale McGee (WAS) - 15.6
Derrick Favors (NJN) - 15.7
Blake Griffin (LAC) - 15.7
Hakim Warrick (PHO) - 15.9
Brendan Haywood (DAL) - 17.1
Tyson Chandler (DAL) - 17.1
Amar’e Stoudemire (NYK) - 17.6
Ryan Hollins (CLE) - 17.8
Omer Asik (CHI) - 17.9
Dwight Howard (ORL) - 19.6
Brandan Wright (GSW) - 20.0
Kevin Durant (OKC) - 20.1
Andre Iguodala (PHI) - 21.4
LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) - 21.5
Tyrus Thomas (CHA) - 22.2
Semih Erden (BOS) - 22.3
Nene (DEN) - 22.7
— via ESPN TrueHoop Blog (Players who have seen at least 100 minutes of court time this season and their ranking in minutes played per dunk)


Here are Griffin’s five best plays from last night’s preposterous 44-point monstering of the Knicks. 

The music had to be Kings of Leon—arguably the best band to come out of Griffin’s native Oklahoma. And when I say ‘arguably,’ I want to stress how boring that argument would be. 


Griffin’s athleticism is legitimately difficult to comprehend. He’s obviously human—you can tell by his face and body and the fact he appears to breathe oxygen. But he doesn’t move like a human. Gazelle legs with a rhino body. 

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