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Rajon Rondo’s tip-off trickery. 

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Rondo is the oddest dude in the NBA. Not in that, “hey look at how odd I am” kind of way that Rodman or Ron Artest were. Rajon is genuinely just a different type of dude, he’s not doing it for the attention, in fact he hates the attention. He just does it for his own entertainment. 



This is too good. Enjoy, Manu Ginobili fans. 


Jeremy Lin Anthem: Linsane in the Brain 

Lin’s presence in New York is being forged into a might marketing sword for both the Knicks and advertisers. So a Lin-anthem was just a matter of time. Personally, I’m holding out for the Jeremy Lin fathead. 

This might become a bigger phenomenon than Tebow, mainly because Jeremy Lin is actually good at what he does. 


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Video highlights of 17 year old “Wilton Chamberlain” 

It’s amazing how tall Wilt was compared to everyone yet he looked so skinny that you were afraid he’d fall through the seems of the hardwood. Almost Manute Bol status. The second most impressive thing about Wilt in this video is the size of his hands. You can see him demonstrating how easily he can grip the ball without using all 5 fingers.

But I think that also limited him. In the video you can see how he almost pushes or throws the ball on his jumper instead of gently casting the ball off. I’ve seen other video clips of Wilt playing in the NBA and he has the same shooting for, almost as if he’s launching the ball from his palm and not his finger tips. Makes me wonder how much better The Stilt would have been had he developed a Hakeem-esque jumper. How many more scoring records would he hold today? 

Ultimately, his jumper wasn’t what made Wilt unstoppable, so it’s a moot point. What made Wilt was his size combined with his agility. The was his legs would fluidly travel up and down the court and around defenders. It was his long arms combined with his supreme jumping ability that would allow him to fly over the opposition and snatch up a rebound that seemed already secured by the other team. Wilt’s greatest attribute was that his physical make-up and his ability to maneuver that body were both out of this world, ahead of his time and always under his control. 


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NBA’s holiday edition bobbleheads. 

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The Gospel featuring Dwight Howard.

Preach on, Brother Dwight. Preach on!


Bango the Buck is bucking crazy.

Kevin Durant (@KDThunderup) is trying to bring a lot of things home this year; MVP, another scoring title, an most importantly, an NBA Championship. But first, he’s got to take out the trash. 

If you haven’t discovered it yet, I suggest you follow Kevin’s neighbor/stalker on twitter (@KD35sneighbor) and on YouTube if you want to see the daily Durant life-style. 


Dwyane Wade’s new Jordan Ad Spot: Dominate Another Day

"Snake Charmer", "The Illusionist" and the "Green Gang"? It’s pretty easy to see who Nike/Jordan Brand thinks stands in Miami’s way. 


I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today so here is the best Vince Carter YouTube mix I have seen. 

It’s unfortunate that “Half Man, Half Amazing” was stuck in the T-Dot for half his career. By the time he got to a team with any significant star power his love for the game, along with his soul, had withered away. 


Kobe Porn for you Mamba maniacs. 

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Steve Nash pays up. 

Since we are on a nostalgia binge today, here’s the moment that made Allen Iverson into Allen Iverson. 

California Love featuring Magic Johnson. Last week we hit you with a Jordan video laced over some Tupac. Today, Magic and Pac light it up with that Cali swagger. 

My favorite part of this video is the fact that Chick Hearn is feeding us the play-by-play. 


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