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Via Adrian Wojnarowski

So, the indecisive Dwight Howard has decided to finish the rest of the season with Orlando. Of course, all of this could change as soon as two hours from now or on Thursday. 

With the combination of Howard’s disdain for confrontation, desire to be liked and a pragmatic belief that a trade is no longer in his best long-term interests, Howard has created an illusion with the Magic that there are factors that could cause him to sign an extension with the team.

Dwight Howard: He’s determined to leave the Magic for the Nets, either now or later - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski on the Dwight Howard situation. You should read the article, but the Cliff Notes version of it. Magic owners believe they can keep Howard, long term as long as they acquire talented pieces. Magic GM Otis Smith and coach Stan Van Gundy know that Howard is leaving and would want the team to make a deal to put an end to this long and drawn out process. Howard will sign with the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets at the start of summer free agency. 

So, ideally, the Magic should trade Howard to whatever team offers the best deal in return and it seems like the Nets don’t have a lot to offer in a trade and Howard could make more money if he just signed as a free agent. 

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