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Old footage from The Association of George Karl coaching. FedEx this to Mike D’Antoni.

Nate Robinson clowning around, and other deleted scenes from The Association.

If you missed episode 3 of The Association: Boston Celtics then you missed great footage of the very cliquey East locker room during the All-Star game; you missed KG explaining his antics and intensity; and you missed a nervous Kendrick Perkins driving to the arena for his first game back from his injury after month’s of rehab.

The scenes with Perk are especially prescient - dare I say moving - in light of the recent trade.

Set to record: The Association airs again tomorrow at 3pm ET on NBA TV and Monday at 12:30am ET on ESPN2. Episode 4 will air March 16 at 7pm ET.

Deleted scene from The Association: Glen “Big Baby” Davis has several orgasms in bed.

One of the problems with David Stern’s new kinder, gentler NBA is that teams don’t have fun personalities like they used to. Teams like the Bad Boy Pistons, Riley’s Knicks, those hot headed Portland Trailblazer teams of the early 90’s and the even more hot headed Jailblazers of the early aughts.

That’s why I like the Boston Celtics. It’s like Arkham Asylum over there. They’ve got more strange personalities then a loft party in Williamsburg. So I can not wait for this. The Association: Boston Celtics, airing tonight on ESPN before the Bulls vs. Celtics game.


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