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Look, Jason Terry got a Celtics logo tattoo.

Look, Jason Terry got a Celtics logo tattoo.

Jason Lloyd: NBA players writing their messages in ink

Do you like the NBA? Do you like tattoos? Do you like NBA tattoos? Read this:


The Akron Beacon Journal printed Jason Lloyd’s story about NBA tattoos in yesterday’s edition. It’s well-researched with some interesting quotes, from tattooed and un-tattooed players. One major revelation is that Cavs coach Byron Scott has a tattoo, which means I should change the claim that the Sixers have the only tattooed coach in the league. Some other notables:

“I wanted to get something that was going to mean something so I won’t regret it when I’m 50,” [Tristan] Thompson said. “A lot of guys get tattoos because maybe they’re drunk one night or they think something is cool at the time. I’d never get a basketball tattoo because basketball only lasts so long. When you stop playing the game, it’s going to look (dumb).”

I wonder how he feels about his new teammate Luke Walton’s tattoo.

“It used to be, ‘Look at this guy with all the tattoos.’ Now you’re doing stories and talking to a guy who doesn’t have tattoos. That tells you how far things go,” [Anthony] Parker said. “It’s just something I never wanted to do.

There are also some nice descriptions of tattoos on Mo Williams, Alonzo Gee, Antawn Jamison, and Chris Andersen, along with the assertion that the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Free Bird” saved the Birdman’s life during his bout with drug and alcohol addiction.

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