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written by Trey Kerby.
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written by Trey Kerby.

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What Hath LeBron Wrought?

"In this fall, I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat."

And with that, the biggest circus this league has ever seen, and perhaps all of professional sports, is over.

It’s hard to write about this LeBron “decision,” when Bill Simmons and Adrian Wojnarowski have done it so beautifully before you (Honestly, these are both MUST reads).

I just hope LeBron James had fun.  He mentioned it being “fun” last night at 9PM, on live, national television, wearing my mother’s picnic tablecloth and a historically bad beard.  I hope he had a blast, because as far as I can tell, LeBron turned off a lot of people.  His egomania, the lies, the leaks, the rumors, the team presentations and the announcement, has most certainly turned away every basketball purist, and in my guess, a whole gang of Hall of Famers.  Worse yet, Bill Simmons who, like it or not, is the barometer of young basketball fans today, tweeted last night:

@sportsguy33 Go Cleveland! I will never like LeBron after tonight.

EVERYONE, Heat fans included, seems to have lost some respect for LeBron James.

LeBron’s off-season charade is no different from the publicity-craving young starlet selling her beach photos to US Magazine.  His actions were the desperate call for attention generally reserved for has-beens and never-will-bes.  Only LeBron’s on top.  I thought this guy was the “King?”

I’ll tell you this much: LeBron James has never been closer to being Britney Spears* than he is right now.

You see, Britney Spears had an incredible start.  Her huge reception was followed by even more success.  She was a media darling.  Everyone wanted a piece.  But it got lonely at the top.  She missed out on her childhood.  It was too much too soon.  Unfortunately, she was surrounded by incompetency that didn’t know how to manage her.  There was rebellion against the common sense approach to her future, then desperation, followed by some really bad decisions.  I just hope the comparison stops there.

(*You may replace Britney with Mike Tyson, Doc Gooden, Michael Jackson or Miley Cyrus, or any other kid star with the same roundabout career arc.)

The questions I need answers to are, who are the incompetent people around LeBron James, and what are they doing?  When I heard about the “announcement,” I laughed.  Hard.  By the nature of a decision, he was going to piss off 29 other teams on broadcast television.  Why put him on air for that?

Bron, you should go get Tiger Wood’s people.  Team Tiger made Woods billions of dollars, and for 10 years, made Woods look like an angel.  Tiger had to sleep with 750 million women that weren’t his wife (I think I read that somewhere) to lose his shine.  LeBron lost his shine in 30 days, and did NOTHING. 

I get they’re your HS buddies, Bron, but they seem really stupid. 

I agreed with reader, whetzel, when he stated,

“If he is doing it [the announcement] on television he is obviously going to return to the Cavs.” 

I never thought he would gut Cleveland on live TV.  But why did I feel this way?  This is a guy who held his team at gunpoint with the threat of leaving in free agency all season, quit on his team in the biggest game of his career (no question about it), got his GM and coach fired, led a parade of suitors past his teammates and fans, and finally, cut his hometown’s heart out on live television.  He crushed a city with no regard. 

It’s important to know LeBron is capable of that.  We’ve learned a lot about this guy recently.  We learned, this past season, that LeBron doesn’t know how to win.  And this off-season, we learned he’s a 6’9”, 280 lbs. kid who needs the attention and acceptance of the people who’ve lavished him with adoration since he was 16.  He’s an egomaniac.  That’s in the books.

And you can’t even be mad at him about it.  That’s just who he is.  We didn’t know before, but we do now.  And we can never expect anything different from him ever again.

Nothing I’ve written about LeBron James disappoints me.  What disappoints me about LeBron James is, he should be our basketball god.

He’s a back-to-back MVP.  He’s unstoppable.  This guy’s team had the best record in the league for 2 years straight.  Gilbert would have gotten him more horses.  Cleveland would have beaten Miami and Boston, the Magic and the Lakers eventually. 

At this point, LeBron’s career absolutely mirrors Jordan’s:  7 years in.  Arguably the best player in the league.  No titles.  So, what did Jordan do?  He kicked the door in, and kept kicking until everyone in the room was dead.  He won championships 6 in the next 8 years.

Faced with the same fork in the road, what did LeBron do?  He stuck it in his back.  He quit.  He quit on his team in Games 5 & 6 against the Celtics, and he officially quit on trying to be the Greatest Player of All Time, this summer. 

He could have done it, and he quit.  He’s a quitter.  The Miami Heat just signed a guy that roundly quit when faced with adversity.

So rarely in the world today are we faced with true greatness.  We never see it.  I wish I was the best writer you all have ever read in your lives.  I wish I was the best in the world at something, the greatest.   LeBron has the opportunity most of us will never get close to, and he’s wasting it.  That’s what disappoints me about LeBron.  That’s what makes us all mad.

I think this clip sums up my feelings succinctly: please watch 

Lamar Odom said this about Kobe Bryant. 

"A lot of people, that are great basketball players, wouldn’t even attempt saying that [they’re better than Michael Jordan].  That would be off-limits.  I commend Kobe for that.  A lot of people are scared to walk in those shoes."

There is a road.  It’s a dark road.  But I have it on good authority that this road leads to heights the likes of which the world has never seen.  LeBron James is the only person to ever walk on this road.  But LeBron James is afraid of the dark.  And now, this road will go unexplored for another 20 years.  I want someone to run down this road.  I want to someone to see where it leads.  And I want someone to tell me what it’s like.

I, and every other basketball fan, will have to wait.


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