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NBA Playoffs throwback: Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers, 2012, Eastern Conference quarterfinals.

Up against the ropes, LeBron James scores 40 points with 18 rebounds and 9 assists to lead the Bosh-less Heat to a game 4 win that tied the series at 2-2. Miami would go on to win the series in 6 games. This game was immediately Fed Ex’d to Springfield.

The rematch starts tonight (finally) at 8:30PM ET on TNT.

NBA Playoffs throwback: Memphis Grizzlies vs. San Antonio Spurs, 2011, Game 5 of the Western Conference 1st round.

Gary Neal drains a buzzer beater to send the game into overtime. The Spurs would win the battle but lose the war. Memphis would advance to play the Thunder in the conference semifinals.

The rematch has begun and game 2 is tonight at 9PM ET on ESPN.

NBA Playoffs throwback: Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs, 1991, Western Conference quarterfinals

The NBA on NBC intro as Don Nelson and Run TMC pay a visit to Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood. Listen to the novelty as Mike Fratello describes the Warriors style of “small ball”. San Antonio would win game 1 of the series and then lose 4-straight.

The series begins tonight at 9:30PM ET on TNT.

NBA Playoffs throwback: Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat, 2011, Eastern Conference finals

Three N-A-S-T-Y Derrick Rose dunks against the Heat including the solved murder of Joel Anthony. We all know the rest of this story. The Heat would go on to win the series in 5 games, and the injured D. Rose has not played in only one playoff game since.

The rematch begins tonight at 8PM ET on TNT.

NBA Playoffs throwback: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzlies, 2011, Western Conference semifinals.

In a must-win game 4 with the Thunder down 2-1 in the series, Russell Westbrook goes for 40 in Memphis in a triple overtime victory. The Thunder go on to win the series before losing to Dallas in the WC Finals.

The rematch, sans Russ, begins Sunday at 1pm ET on ABC.

NBA Playoffs throwback: Indiana Pacers vs. New York Knicks, 1999, Eastern Conference finals

Larry Johnson’s famous 4-point play gives the Knicks a one point victory over Indiana. The Knicks go on to win the series in 6 games before losing to San Antonio in the NBA Finals.

The rivalry renews Sunday at 3:30pm ET on ABC.

NBA Playoffs throwback: Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Seattle Supersonics, 1993, Game 7, Western Conference semifinals.

Way back in ‘93 Robert Horry showed flashes of his clutch-gene hitting this go ahead jumper with 0 seconds left on the shot clock and only 32 seconds remaining in the game. Unfortunately for Big Bob, the heroics don’t pay off as Seattle tied the game and won it in overtime. The Sonics advanced only to lose to Barkley’s Phoenix Suns in the Conference Finals.

The remix to this matchup begins tonight in Oklahoma City at 9:30pm EST on TNT.

NBA Playoffs throwback: Atlanta Hawks vs. Indiana Pacers, 1994, Game 6, Eastern Conference semifinals.

Indiana upsets the #1 seeded Hawks to earn a trip to “the final four of professional basketball” as the terribly excited announcer puts it. MY GAWD, remember when Indiana games used to sound like this? Like the huge explosion at minute 4:23 after a Reggie Miller three. The Pacers would go on to lose to the Knicks in the Eastern Conference finals.

The matchup begins today in Indiana at 1pm EST on TNT.

NBA Playoffs throwback: Los Angeles Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs, 2004, Western Conference semifinals. 

One of the most incredible endings to a playoff game in NBA history. Kobe Bryant’s go-ahead shot is then answered by Tim Duncan’s fade away jumper that, if it had burned an extra .1 second, would have probably sealed the game for the Spurs. But it did not. Instead with .4 seconds left in the game, Derek Fisher’s prayer is answered.

A new chapter of an old rivalry begins in San Antonio on Sunday at 3:30pm EST on ABC.

NBA Playoffs throwback: Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn New Jersey Nets, 1998, Game 3, Eastern Conference quarterfinals.

In which Michael Jordan shoots an effortless 72% from the field(!!!) and goes 3-3 from 3, scoring 38 points to complete a 3 game sweep of the Nets in the Meadowlands.

A new chapter begins on Saturday in Brooklyn at 8pm EST on ESPN. 

NBA Playoffs throwback: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies, 2012, Western Conference quarterfinals. 

Comebacks be cray cray! Chris Paul plays 38 minutes and Nick Young scores 19 points during a 26-1 Clippers run in the 4th quarter of Game 1. All of this in the face of Z-Bo push-ups and a kid’s head exploding courtside. At least Memphis won’t have to worry about Rudy Gay missing the last shot this year.

The rematch begins in Los Angeles Saturday night at 10:30pm EST on ESPN.

NBA Playoffs Throwback: New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics, 1984, Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Larry Bird’s line you ask? 39 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists. This is basically Bird doing everything and against Bernard King who had scored 44 points at the Garden in game 6 and, with Bird, was one of that years leading MVP candidates (Bird eventually won MVP making it two in a row).

A new chapter begins in New York on Saturday at 3:30pm EST on ABC.

NBA Playoffs Throwback: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat, 2011 Eastern Conference semifinals

Trailing by two in the 4th, LeBron James scores 10 points in the final 3 minutes, closing out the Celtics in Game 5, and “Tebowing” before that was a thing. The hysteria at the end you might confuse with the Eastern Conference or NBA Finals, but Miami would advance to defeat Chicago and then lose to the Dallas Mavericks in the championship round.

The rematch begins TONIGHT at 8:30pm EST on ESPN.

Éne-Bé-A Playoffs Throwback: Oklahoma City Thunder Seattle Supersonics vs. San Antonio Spurs, 2005 Western Conference semifinals

This was the last year the Seattle Supersonics would be in the Éne-Bé-A Playoffs before being moved to Oklahoma City. Included are some fun highlights of Ray Allen in his prime and on the other side of the ball some all too familiar faces. One franchise bound for total upheaval while the core of the other — Timmy, Tony, Manu, and Pop — are still on top. Amazing. Spurs win 4-2 and advance to defeat Phoenix and Detroit to win their third Éne-Bé-A title.

The 2012 matchup begins with Game 1 Sunday at 8:30pm EST on TNT.

This series (Memphis) was all about the physicality of it. That next series is about mental. They play so smart with one another— Timmy, T.P., Ginobli. I mean what can you say about them? They’re a great team.

Chris “the Mind” Paul on playing against the San Antonio Spurs.

No Clippers vs. Spurs playoff throwback moment.  We’ve never seen the matchup in a playoff series before. But we have seen Chris Paul vs. the Spurs.

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