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NBA Off Season Preview: Atlanta Hawks

The city of Atlanta recently said good bye to Bobby Cox, the long time manager of the Braves. In his 20 plus year gear with the Braves, Cox earned the nickname of “America’s Bridesmaid,” due to his inability to take the Braves to the next level. Of course, we could apply to the same tag to the Atlanta Hawks. Not that the Hawks haven’t gone to the big dance and choked on the biggest stage, but they just seem to fade away after the second round. Perhaps, the best way to describe the current Hawks squad is that the team is a lot like a hoarder. There is a desire to change and make progression, but once the squad is put the test of making a grand change, they just can’t throw that sweaty old headband.

Look at the 2010 playoffs, after struggling to defeat the upstart and Andrew Bogut-less Milwaukee Bucks, the Hawks just threw their hands up and rolled over for the Orlando Magic. The Hawks didn’t even make it interesting. They couldn’t get past that struggle with the Bucks and were content to wallow in their own mediocrity.

After re-signing Joe Johnson for an absurd amount of money and hiring a new coach (Larry Drew), the Hawks seemed poised to do what?

Well, players like Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, and Al Horford will have great individual numbers and be really great for your fantasy team.

Perhaps new coach Larry Drew will provide more motivation than the Hawks’ last coach, Michael Woodson who infamously decided to shave off his eyebrows before playing the Houston Rockets last season. Granted, the move inspired the team in the regular season, but they still shat the bed in the playoffs. Drew is inheriting a consistent regular season team and maybe it’ll take an entire body waxing to push the Hawks to the Eastern Conference finals.

Here’s the deal, the Hawks will a good regular season team this year; probably the fifth or sixth seed in the Eastern Conference, but can they become a playoff team this year? Will they just shrug their shoulders and say, “ehhhh, we know we’re going to lose to the Celtics/Magic/Bulls in the first round…so, let’s just plan our vacation instead.”

Predictions & Fun Stuff

  • Josh Smith will dunk so hard that he will create a rift in the time space continuum
  • Did you know back up center Zaca Pachulia raps? He does.
  • Twitter: @zaza27, @langwhitaker
  • Site: Peachtree Hoops

And for no good reason, here’s a “Thriller” remake/spoof featuring the Atlanta Hawks’ mascot:

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