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Ray Allen, Paul Pierce & Kevin Durant Will Participate IN 3-Point Shootout

The NBA just announced the line up for the 2011 3-Point Shootout. Participants will include: Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, Daniel Gibson, James Jones and Dorell Wright

Here’s how each of them has done this season.

Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics:

Paul, who won last year’s shootout, is shooting 40.1% from deep this season and has hit on 73 different occasions. Not sure if he is the popular vote to repeat but his swag is definitely going to make an appearance. Pierce was really lobbying to get into the contest and he is hopeful that he and his teammate, Ray Allen, can face-off in the finals.  

Kevin Durant, OKC Thunder:

Kevin Durant is in here because he is Kevin Durant. Sure he has made 85 3-pointers this season, but he has chucked up 245 attempts for a 34.7% 3P%. That’s not terrible, but it’s not cream of the crop, either. In fact, the league’s leading scorer is the only participant that is shooting below 40% from three this season. 

Daniel Gibson, Cleveland Cavaliers: 

Boobie has connected on 79 of 180 threes this season. He’s been one of the only bright spots in a dismal Cavs season. I’m glad he has the honor of participating but haven’t the Cavs and their fans lost enough already?

Dorell Wright, Golden State Warriors:

Dorell can shoot, both in volume and accuracy. He has hit 124 threes this year good for #1 in the NBA. He’s also splashing at about a 41% clip. Both of these numbers are stellar but he has struggled significantly when David Lee hasn’t been on the floor. Last I checked, David just missed the cut for this year’s shootout…

James Jones, Miami Heat:

His 42.7% shooting and 91 made threes makes him a dark horse to take this contest. Although a lot of those makes have come from the corners and I’d be curious to see how he does around the top of the key — a spot he seldom visits. 

Ray Allen, Boston Celtics:

Ray Allen is the greatest three point shooter in NBA history. He doesn’t own the record for it yet, but he will before the All-Star break. He’s shooting a blistering 46.2% from deep and has 115 made threes on the season. If i were a betting man…

Left out of the shootout: Matt Bonner (60 3P, 50.4%), Chris Paul (56 3P, 45.2%), Jason Richardson (121 3P, 39.7%), Kevin Martin (115 3P, 40.8%), Anthony Morrow (65 3P, 43.3%), Chauncey Billups (96 3P, 44.4%) and Arron Afflalo (83 3P, 44.9%)


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