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It’s just after 7:30 on the East coast & the Lin-ching hour will soon…oops, okay, I think we’ve finally found the one pun using Jeremy Lin’s name that is not even remotely appropriate. Leave it to me. Anyway, Knicks vs. Hornets at MSG in less than a half-hour & if you aren’t headed to the Mecca to experience all that is Lin-sanity, I think I’ve found you the next best thing. Friend of the blog, Got ‘Em Coach, has put together a short documentary that provides you a taste —kind of salty— for what it’s like at 8th & 33rd on a game night, now that the Knicks are relevant once again. Just what until J.R. Smith hits town. That’s when things will get really crazy, TRUST! Enjoy your Jeremy Lin tonight:


MUST WATCHLinsanity Defined

A short documentary on #LINSANITY.

After the New York Knicks beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the fifth game of the current Jeremy Lin-fueled Knicks’ winning streak, I left Madison Square Garden to a response I had never seen before.  I began wondering what it must have been like when the Knicks routinely sold out MSG and went deep into the Playoffs.

As Lin added to his lore in Minnesota, and then Toronto, it became clear this story, this Jeremy Lin Event, was one sports fans might want to keep. 

Above all else, I wanted to remember the feeling.

Filmed on February 15, 2012, at the Sacramento Kings vs. New York Knicks game. Jeremy Lin finished with 10 points on 4-6 shooting, 5 rebounds and a career-high 13 assists, as the Knicks won 100-85.

I hope you enjoy.


[Rated R: For language, but c’mon, it’s New York]

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