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Deron Williams goes for 50 vs. Göttingen in a EuroChallenge game. 

European basketball is still as foreign to me as the name of the teams, so excuse my ignorance if I overstate or understate the abilities of some of these teams. I hear EuroChallenge is some really good competition even though Göttingen isn’t Barcelona or anything like that. 

Still, dropping 50 in a game is worthy of some praise so I won’t be one to hate. And if the Turkish coffee didn’t wake you up, maybe seeing Deron’s box score will. He went 17 of 23 including 7 of 10 from deep with just 2 turnovers

You have to really feel for Nets fans. The Nets would have played the Warriors last night at home which means that if we let our imaginations run like wild stallions and we play the ultimate “what if” game, Deron could have dropped 50 in front of all 300 Nets fans at home. That would have been incredible for those fans since only two other players have scored at least 50-points since 1985 and those two happen to be Vince Carter and Stephon Marbury.  

Now excuse me while I go watch that kid in pink lose his virginity all over again


H/T @SportandoBasket, @rafael_uehara and @Clintonite33 

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