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Oh Brad Stevens, what have you done? Better start teaching your son about Twitter right now.


Oh Brad Stevens, what have you done? Better start teaching your son about Twitter right now.




Doc Rivers vs Bill Simmons


MUST WATCHThe Webbys, Spike Lee and the Year in Sports

The great team over at Grantland asked me to put together a video covering the Year in Sports online for the Webby Awards.  Not just the big moments in games, but the moments that took off on the Internet.  I happen to have two rules in life:

  1. Be kind to others.
  2. When Bill Simmons’ Grantland calls and asks for a video covering the Year in Sports online for the Webby Awards - and not just the big moments in games, but the moments that took off on the Internet - you say yes.

So I made one.  Kindly.

What I did not know is that my video would be played on a giant floating screen, amidst a complex framework of pipes and bubbling erlenmeyer flask.  I also did not know Spike Lee would introduce the video, but I gotta be honest, it’s the really huge, bubbling erlenmeyer flask that surprised me. [SCIENCE!!!]

Best part is, if you turn the volume on your computer all the way up, and listen really, very closely, in a room that has little to no distraction whatsoever, you can hear one laugh.

Hope you watch and enjoy.  Thanks to Grantland for the opportunity, and check out their incredible site here.


Congrats to Neil, aka “Got ‘Em”, on this accomplishment.

It’s no secret that I have enjoyed reading & watching Neil’s work, pretty much from the very first time I came across it. I was certain that his take on the NBA & sports would soon be one that most of us would admire & respect, so it’s very gratifying to see his hard work & dedication being recognized & featured at the Webby Awards.

We were lucky enough to have him as part of the NBAO team for a while & I’ve had some of my most enjoyable NBA debates with him. While almost always wrong when disagreeing with me, he is still someone whose opinion is unique, creative, & funny(kinda). If you’re not already following him, you should, both on Tumblr & Twitter. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing his work on many more sites in the near future. Kudos, Got ‘Em.

It’s also worth mentioning that Grantland deserves credit for seeing in yet another person —the list includes Katie Baker, Tess Lynch, Molly Lambert, Carles, Neil— what those of us who use Tumblr have known for a while now: There is a ton of talent just waiting to be tapped among the many blogs, both sports & non-sports, that reside on the Tumblr platform. If you keep creating quality content, it will be recognized & rewarded.


"I DO have League Pass on my iPad.” — President Barack Obama, leader of the free world

NBA Trade Proposal: Who says no?

I know, I know, we here at NBAO have written recently that getting into too much trade talk inevitably makes you go crazy. I agreed. Then Simmons, on Grantland today, pulls out his, “Trade Machine Picasso” canvas. I both love & hate when he does it, as I fancy myself better at constructing moves than the self-proclaimed master. What? I mean, he offered you some ideas that involved Minnesota puling the trigger on deals with the Lakers(okay, somewhat exciting), Suns(meh), Hawks(yawn), Wizards(zzzzzz), & Pistons(anyone know CPR?) on page 1, before moving onto trades that are just as absurd as the one I’m about to throw at you. Plus, admit it, you didn’t realize his story had a page two until just now. It only took me 3 hours to figure it out. Anayway, his breakdown on a player’s value was enlightening to a certain extent, it’s pretty subjective, but finding a new fish taco joint is my idea of enlightening. NBA trades need to make you say, “I’m going to change one small part of this unique deal The Wolfe has proposed, then pass it off as my own idea all over Twitter”…Go ahead, steal from me, I’d be honored. 

So, without further ado, I offer up to you a 3-way deal involving Orlando(oh, yeah. you know what’s coming), Oklahoma City(now I really have your attention!), & Minnesota(I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but we only need them for a draft pick, possible salary flexibility, & to leak the pending deal, setting Twitter ablaze):

Magic get: Westbrook, Perkins, Minnesota’s 1st round pick, 2nd overall(picking Derrick Williams, SF, Arizona), & OKC’s 24th pick(selecting JaJuan Johnson, PF, Purdue)

Thunder get: Dwight Howard & Jameer Nelson

Wolves get: James Harden

How it affects every team: 

Minnesota now has a ton of trade options to get some veteran players to surround their young core of Love, Harden, & Rubio(if they are lucky?). Every NBA “expert” insists Minny wants out of this #2 spot. It’s as if they know Kahn will mistakenly blurt out: “GIMME JIMMER!!”. The Wolves could trade Johnny Flynn to the Knicks for Toney Douglas, as rumored. With all of their salary flexibility they could also easily trade the 20th pick for an established rotation player. They want out of the 2nd pick? Maybe they get a more attractive package than James Harden, OKC or Orlando could add another piece, but I just don’t see it happening.

Orlando has to know Dwight Howard isn’t sticking around, right? You & I do, so why wouldnt the Magic front office come to terms wit it? Everyone assumes that Howard wants to go Hollywood or Madison Ave., but with a new CBA pending, is there any way he finds himself in a better situation than playing with a top-5 player like Durant? We’ll get back to OKC, because this is about what Orlando does to soften the loss of it’s franchise player. Getting Westbrook gives them an All-Star caliber guard, which is just so important, with it now being a PG driven league. They also get Perk to put in the middle. Having him allows SVG to maintain his defensive philosophy of having a pine tree planted in the paint & not much else. Almost as important as Perkins, they obtain the 2nd overall pick, presumably Derrick Wiliams. A superb athlete, who could team with Rusty for as many highlights as ESPN can fit on Sports Center. Pick & rolls until the cows in Orange County come home. In addition to Williams, they could select JaJuan Johnson, a player I lobe, as another front court player who jumps out of the gym. His style of play would mesh very well with Williams’, whose only flaw is that he is a combo forward. Best remedy for that? Put him in a frontcourt with superior defenders. Perkins & Johnson? Click, check, check, click. With this, Orlando essentially traded Howard for Westbrook, Perkins, & Williams(find me a better deal that works under the cap) & unloaded Nelson for a first rounder. Now for the scary part…

Oklahoma City gives up Rusty(how’s that Durant/Westbrook relationship after the playoffs, huh?), Harden’s beard, & Perkins scowl. What do you think? Guess what? It doesn’t matter. OKC is now the best team in the NBA after this deal. That’s probably the only way Howard signs on for an extension in a city town that’s not within a 15 minute helicopter ride of the beach, right? He has to be sold on being the co-anchor of the best team in his conference, with a fan base that will adore him as they win not one, not two, not three, but at least four titles over the next ten years. Skeptical? Let me ask you this: If you were Pat Riley, would you trade you LeBron/Wade/Bosh for Howard/Durant/Ibaka? I would. In a South Beach minute. With my deal,  you’d now have two MVP candidates who actually compliment one another’s game. Jameer Nelson comes along for the ride to provide Howard with a bit of familiarity. If their is one thing a big man wants, it’s a PG who knows where & when you need the ball. A starting five of Howard/Ibaka/Durant/Sefolosha/Nelson with Maynor, Collison, & a couple of role players, is much better than any roster currently in the Western Conf. Believe ‘D’ wins ‘ships? With Howard & Ibaka, they turn every offense into a jump shooting shadow of itself. Think you need to score efficiently during crunch time? Durant gets bucket after bucket in the same way Dirk did for Dallas this year.

Listen, thinking about these deals is fun for fans & the media, but rarely ever come to fruition. We dream ‘em up anyway, knowing that either A.) the teams involved suffer paralysis from over-analysis, as they don’t want to lose a blockbuster in the eyes of the media & fans or B.) a team like the Magic gets greedy & insists on having Ibaka included, rather than taking OKC’s 1st rounder & finding their own version of him. 

With that, I’ll give Simmons his self-proclaimed title of, “Trade Machine Picasso”, back. I’d rather be the, “Trade Machine Jackson Pollock”, anyway.

(as verification that the deal works, here’s the Trade Machine link. keep in mind that this deal could easily be tweaked to include other players btwn ORL & OKC because of the payroll flexibility afforded by including the Wolves)

The 2009 Lakers were built the same way someone goes on a three-hour craps run. In other words, don’t even think about duplicating it. Seven solid “What if that coin flip had turned up tails instead of heads?” moments shaped the team. Namely, what if Jackson hadn’t developed a relationship with Jeanie Buss? (No way he comes back to deal with Kobe again otherwise.) What if Anthony Carter’s agent hadn’t forgotten to send in his contract in time during the summer of 2003, creating enough cap space for Miami to sign Odom as a free agent, then giving Miami enough pieces to trade for Shaq a year later? What if the Lakers had traded Odom like they almost did about 35,000 times? What if Kobe hadn’t blocked the Chicago trade — and he did — right before the 2007-08 season because the Bulls were giving up too much? What if Chris Wallace hadn’t given them Gasol for 30 cents on the dollar? What if Otis Smith hadn’t done the same in giving away Ariza? And what if Fisher’s daughter hadn’t fallen ill, forcing an unprecedented situation in which Utah released him from his deal so he could play for the Lakers?
Michael Pietrus gets fouled on a drive and inadvertently whacks Pau Gasol in the face. I mention this only because it’s fun to write the words, “inadvertently whacks Pau Gasol in the face.” I wish this happened more often.
Five decades ago, when [Bill] Russell wanted to get his point across about something that was important to him, he would write a first-person account in Sports Illustrated. Today, Shaq gets his point across in a 140-character Twitter post. I don’t think this is progress.
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