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And, why the hell not? C-Webb’s not one of the better NBA rappers, but he did get Kurupt to feature on this song. It’s “Gangsta Gangsta,” which is not a cover of the N.W.A. classic, but it does name-check both Jalen Rose and Jerome Bettis. If you weren’t paying attention in the month before Super Bowl XL, let me remind you: Jerome Bettis is from Detroit

Fun fact: Chris Webber’s real first name is “Mayce.” Unfortunately, there would be no Mayce-Ma$e collaboration, as Ma$e had retired from the rap game to become a pastor by the time C-Webb was recording “2 Much Drama”. For years, this is what Hedo Turkoglu thought real hip-hop was, and it inspired his own never-released rap single “Young Turk (Hard-Nosed Playa)”.

This video is also the reason that Doug Christie’s wife became so overprotective of him: if she turned her  back for even a second, Doug would be dancing with girls in business suits and throwing invisible dice in Chris Webber’s weirdly large entryway.

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