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LeBron should ask to get paid in bitcoins on his next contract. It would be about 38,700 btc/yr ($24m/yr in today’s value).

Why does this make sense? Because NBA contracts have a limit. He can only make a maximum amount in this first year of a new contract, which is a set percentage above his last contract. He is limited on just how much he can get paid. 

Today’s bitcoin value is roughly $600-$625 (US Dollars) per bitcoin. If it were to jump up to $1000/btc again, the value of his annual contract would jump from $24m/year to $38.7m/year. All without having to alter his contract or opt out to negotiate and resign. 

But, if the deal is in bitcoins, he has the added chance that the value of a bitcoin goes up, therefore so does his annual pay. There is obviously added risk as well (if the value of bitcoins go down, if they are rendered illegal, if they are not accepted as currency by places he spends his money and the cost of translation into currency that he can pay his taxes in [Ugh]). 

I’m not even sure if the NBA’s CBA allows for contracts to be paid in currency other than US Dollars. Probably not. But in my fantasy world, this is both great for bitcoins and also great for NBA Superstars that are severely hampered by the individual salary caps negotiated by the NBPA and the CBA. 

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    Thank you! I hate when people say “we” as if the government is paying these people, and choosing their salaries.
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    shut the fuck up with the bit coin bullshit they should get ownership in the company at a discount like a...
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    hahahahaha what the
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    oh don’t worry, I fully understand why it happens. people like their entertainment. I just think it’s stupid.
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    The reason people get paid an “assload” of money to “play a damn game” is because an even bigger “assload” of people pay...
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