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Greatest Trios of All-time?

DWade just said that this could be the greatest trio of all time… only time will tell but until then lets look at other great trios:

- KG, Pierce, Allen: It’s a shame these three didn’t join forces earlier in their careers.

- West, Baylor, Chamberlain: These guys never technically won a title together but those three names are amoung the greatest of all time.

- Birb, McHale, Parish:  Won 3 titles together. A total of 10 rings and 3 MVPs

- Jordan, Pippen, Grant: These three won 3 straight titles together until Jordan retired and Horace left. But it’s okay because that led us to the next great Bull’s trio.

- Magic, Kareem, Worthy: These guys won 3 titles together. Between them 14 championships and 9 MVPs.

- Jordan, Pippen, Rodman: While Rodman isn’t in the Hall of Fame, he deserves it. One of the greatest rebounders/defenders of all time. This Trio has 17 titles between them and the greatest single season record of all time.

- Russell, Havlicek, Jones: These guys won a staggering 8 championships together. A total of 29 titles between them. Sure it happened back in the day but all these guys did was win, win, win.

Where do James, Wade, and Bosh rank on this list? Currently, no where. They haven’t done anything together. Alone they have 1 ring and 2 MVPs. Not exactly amazing stats.

In my mind these guys have realized individually they will never catch MJ in stats or Legend. Their next best shot is to catch him in Championship count and this is the best way how. Look at Kobe, for example. The guys numbers don’t even touch MJ on an off night, yet he is one ring behind his Airness and already people are comparing Kobe to Jordan.

What this trio and, more specifically, LeBron accomplishes in June is going to be the best measure of their greatness.

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