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As detailed in this post, we at the humble NBA Off-Season blog have embraced the analogy of Tarantino’s Kill Bill saga to that of the Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant.

And it is in tonight’s would-be epic Game 7 in which we the viewers—after joining Kobe’s plight since his beatdown in the ‘08 Finals and battling through an otherwise dull post-season (if only Ennio Morricone’s “L’Arena” was playing throughout the Thunder and Suns series)—at long last have reached the final chapter.

After suffering a couple blows from the Celtics and being injected "The Truth" serum in Paul Pierce dropping 27 in the Garden, The Bride aka “The Bean” has now emerged from that crippling loss and is ready for the final battle. And much like the ending of Kill Bill Volume 2, the two adversaries—who now have a clearer understanding of the other—are seated face-to-face knowing that only one of them will be leaving the room alive.

ED. NOTE: I (Mark Malazarte/waxandmilk) however, do have a bias towards “our” protagonist and hope the dénouement of this game plays out similar to that of Tarantino’s script. Obviously, for the sake of this metaphor actually fitting. And secondly, I roll with Phil Jackson. But real talk, I’m a Magic fan, and I should really hate both these teams. Had it been Orlando/LA again like oh the majority of us had expected (WHOOPS!), I would most likely not be writing this. That said though, break out the popcorn and champagne. Let’s hope this last one’s as good as the film.

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