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Last Games of Note of the season! After this, they’re ALL games of note:

  • New York V. Boston at 8PM ET on League Pass and Local Channels
  • New Orleans V. Dallas at 8PM ET on ESPN
  • New Jersey V. Chicago at 8M ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Milwaukee V. Oklahoma City at 8PM ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Portland V. Golden State at 10:30PM ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Memphis V. L.A. Clippers at 10:30PM ET on ESPN
  • San Antonio V. Phoenix at 10:30PM ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • L.A. Lakers V. Sacramento at 10:30PM ET on L.P. and L.C.

How many games will Celtics vs. Knicks go?

Is New Orleans an easy out?

Will Scottie Pippen’s statue come to life and play the 2nd half?

Are the Thunder the hottest team in basketball?

Should Gerald Wallace run for mayor of Portlandia?

Does it matter if the Spurs beat out the Bulls for best record?

Who is your all-time favorite Sacramento King?

All that and more tonight on Games of Note: “Begin the Ending: The Beginding” 

  1. kylelmartin answered: THUNDER UP!! I know we lost, but did Fisher really pull that school yard prank and get away with it? Most props if he did.
  2. rightonjohn answered: all time favorite king…hmmm. been watching since 1998, gonna go with peja :)
  3. illuminandy answered: you forgot the magic vs pacers
  4. eshushi answered: 5 games. knicks will win once and celtics will win 4
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  6. kylehuynh13 answered: My favorite Sac Kings would Mike Bibby, CWebb, Doug Christie, Peja Stojakovic, Kevin Martin, and Tyreke Evans
  7. imnotsureifi answered: Celtics in game 6 or 7
  8. eriksbrain answered: Peja was my favorite king :)
  9. xionone answered: Miami @ Toronto. Bitter Raptors fans are funny.
  10. aavanduker answered: hell yes, OKC is the hottest team in the NBA!
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