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Tonight is one big game of ‘how do we avoid playing Portland?’:

  • Chicago V. New York at 8PM ET on TNT
  • Memphis V. Portland at 10PM ET on League Pass and Local Channels
  • San Antonio V. L.A. Lakers at 10:30PM ET on TNT

Will Coach Thibs please throw on the brakes and let his guys rest?

Who do Lakers fans want in the 1st round?

Who do Grizzlies fans want in the 1st round?

Who do Trailblazers fans want to scare to death in the 1st round?

All that and nothing else tonight on Games of Note: “And all the League Iced its Knees”

  1. iamjcamacho answered: No their young let them play. Lakers fans want anyone. Grizzlies want anyone also cause they are going home anyway. The Trailblazers want the
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  3. pedpro answered: The blazers would love to see the lakers out early by there own doing after the first round and LA is free falling coming into tonight
  4. muhhself answered: Blazers want Dallas, or San Antonio…
  5. coolpeopleandmylunchbox answered: Go Dallas!
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