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Some of the noteworthy games tonight in the Association (some):

  • Chicago V. Indiana at 7PM ET on League Pass and Local Channels
  • Denver V. Orlando at 7PM ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Miami V. Atlanta at 7:30PM ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • New York V. Detroit at 7:30PM ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Charlotte V. Oklahoma City at 8PM ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • San Antonio V. Dallas at 8:30PM ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Boston V. Houston at 8:30PM ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Golden State V. Phoenix at 10PM ET on NBA TV
  • Philadelphia V. Sacramento at 10PM ET on L.P. and L.C.

Is Omer Asik < than Roy Hibbert?

Can Denver’s depth deliver defeat to Dwight?

Do the Hawks have better fans than the Heat?

Can the Knicks break a team record for 3’s every night?

What’s Serge Ibaka’s ceiling?

Who’s bigger in Texas?

Is Rondo’s slumping due to injury?

Are Warrior fans pleased with David Lee?

Can the Sixers keep pressure on the Knicks?

All that and more on Games of Note: “The Professionals”

  1. naturevalleygirl answered: Bigger in texas? Dallas
  2. n9amy answered: LAL vs MIN?
  3. enormouscrawlspace answered: pressure on the kings
  4. orangieporangiepuddingpie answered: you left off the MIN v LAL, WAS v TOR, NJN v MIL games
  5. xionone answered: There are more Knicks fans in Miami and Atlanta than Heat/Hawks fans, apparently.
  6. jfkennedy answered: You’re missing Minnesota v. L.A.
  7. maareeuhhhh answered: Ibaka has NO ceiling.
  8. nbaoffseason posted this
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