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Games Of Note - Tonight!!!???!!??!!?



  • Chicago Bulls V. Atlanta Hawks at 7pm ET on League Pass and Local Channels
  • Utah Jazz V. Miami Heat at 7:30pm ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Indiana Pacers V. New Orleans Hornets at 8pm ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Memphis Grizzlies V. Houston Rockets at 8pm ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Phoenix Suns V. Portland Trailblazers at 10pm ET on NBATV
  • Los Angeles Lakers V. Golden State Warriors at 10:30pm ET on L.P. and L.C.

Who wins tonight?

How about the Bulls?

Who would win in a fight: Tyson Chandler or Joakim Noah?

Do we believe in the Warriors again?

Is Chris Paul the Point God or is Chris Paul the Point God?

Do the Warriors have the best shooting backcourt in the NBA?

Are you sad or glad that Jersey Shore is finally over?

What do you think of the Champions League draw?

What’s going on with DeMarcus Cousins?

Are you celebrating Festivus this year?

  1. corndogs666 answered: Joakim would have rocked his ass
  2. njrover answered: Chris Paul Is the Point God
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  4. bboy916 answered: Cousins is a dumbass
  5. talkin2thewall answered: Hawks, Heat, Pacers, Grizz, Blazers, and Warriors win tonight
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