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Programming Alert: What will you be watching?

As I write this, D. Rose has hit 5 of 6 from 3-point land(17 points) against the Jazz in the first quarter. Fire up your League Pass/WGN to watch a PG play the position as well as anyone else has in recent memory.

The game looks to be in blowout territory as NBA TV has Lakers vs. Mavs starting at 9ET/6PT. Kobe & the boys are coming off a loss that seemed to irk the Mamba. He shot for a couple of hours after the Heat game. You know, just in case you hadn’t heard. He also didn’t practice with the team leading into tonight’s game. Why do I sense Kobe won’t be passing much tonight? The Mavs would like nothing better than to frustrate LA and hang a loss on them a month before the playoffs start. Let’s not forget their own coach called them soft. They have to go strong at Kobe & the Lakers. Can’t ask for a much better NBA match up during a weekend that is dominated by college hoops.

Speaking of which, HBO has a documentary called, Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV premiering tonight at 9:30. Should be an interesting watch, as it will look back at what was once one of the most entertaining NCAA Basketball programs in the history of the game. There will also be the premiere of ESPN’s, The Fab Five, tomorrow at 9:00. That was a fun group to watch play ball & ESPN has done some tremendous sports docs as of late

Finally, with March Madness about to shift gears from Conference Tourney Week into NCAA Tournament mode, what is your level of interest in college ball? While the NBA has had one of it’s most entertaining regular seasons, the NCAA season has been pretty low key, at least in a lot of people’s eyes. Will you be catching as many games as possible the next few weeks? Maybe just watch the Final Four if your bracket isn’t torn to shreds by then? Or are you ready for the NBA playoffs to get here and could care less about what the NCAA has to offer?

((Winston Wolfe.))

  1. trappedintime answered: How does anyone JUST watch the final four? Thursday and Friday are the two best days of basketball all year. Most of the NBA reg season sucks
  2. nbaoffseason posted this
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