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Games Of Note - Tonight!!!???!!??!!?



  • Phoenix Suns V. Los Angeles Clippers at 3:30pm ET on League Pass and Local Channels
  • Philadelphia 76ers V. Boston Celtics at 7:30pm ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • New Orleans Hornets Pelicans V. Miami Heat at 7:30pm ET on NBATV
  • New York Knickerbockers V. Chicago Bulls at 8pm ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Atlanta Hawks V. Memphis Grizzlies at 8pm ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Dallas Mavericks V. Houston Rockets at 8pm ET on L.P. and L.C.
  • Sacramento Kings V. Portlandia Trailblazers at 10pm ET on NBATV

Who wins tonight?

Boston-Philly rematch: who you got?

Do you think Andrew Bynum would like Silver Linings Playbook?

How good are the Memphis Grizzlies right now?

How about Kevin Love?

How about Joakim Noah???

Laker fans: how are you coping?

Did any of you guys go to Art Basel?

Who wants to buy me the Nas Illmatic Gold Edition box set for Christmas???

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    OHHH shiiiiit
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  4. teeny-bop answered: SACRAMENTOOOO
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  6. misternasi answered: DK.
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  9. a-saena answered: I’m a huge Laker fan and win or lose…I am still a fan! They are not always going to win.
  10. serjorawr answered: LET’S GO HEAT! Might be the last time they play the Hornets before they’re Pelicans.
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