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Blazer Mania!

The 6th Man by Ryan Bubnis

Holly Sheed by Eatcho

Scottie Pippen by Nathan Gelgud

Rip City Bigs by Ryan Berkley

Pezoden’s Adventure by Joel Colley

Having just won four straight after beating both Orlando and Miami back-to-back in their Florida trip, things are starting to be positive again for the new look Blazers. So posi, some people are starting to develop Blazer Mania!. (We got bit by the bug a few weeks ago as well, when we switched over our blog avatar and twitter background to this spectacular photo).

More importantly though, there was actually an art show earlier this January called just that.

Not to be upstaged by Toronto’s Ron Artest themed art show, the city of Portland held their own themed art show at the Compound Gallery dedicated to all things Portland Trailblazers. The show featured some wood cut-outs, player illustrations, paintings, pin-up girls, Scottie Pippen jerseys, the epicest poster starring Portland’s bigs (so epic I just made up the term ‘epicest’), and of course a gold statue of Greg Oden as Poseidon.

No word if Carrie Brownstein was in attendance or if Rudy Fernandez will be acting alongside Kyle MacLachlan in next week’s Portlandia.

More info: Compound Gallery (h/t to Blazers Edge) / More photos of the artwork found at Dime Mag

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