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Games Of Note - Tonight!!!???!!??!!?

What Up Wednesday!! 

  • Detroit Pistons V. Philadelphia 76ers at 7pm/4pm on Local Channels/League Pass
  • Utah Jazz V. Boston Celtics at 7:30pm/4:30pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Indiana Pacers V. Milwaukee Bucks at 8pm/5pm on L.C./L.P./ 
  • New Orleans Hornets V. Houston Rockets at 8pm/5pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Memphis Grizzlies V. Oklahoma City Thunder at 8pm/5pm on ESPN/L.C. 
  • Charlotte Bobcats V. Minnesota Timberwolves at 8pm/5pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Washington Wizards V. Dallas Mavericks at 8:30pm/5:30pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Chicago Bulls V. Phoenix Suns at 9pm/6pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Miami Heat V. Los Angeles Clippers at 10:30pm/7:30pm on ESPN/L.C.
  • Atlanta Hawks V. Golden State Warriors at 10:30pm/7:30pm on L.C./L.P. 

Who wins tonight?

Will the Pistons and the Wizards get their first wins of the season? 

Was last night’s Lakers’ game a moral victory or is a loss a loss? 

Do you think DeAndre Jordan will have another breakout game against the Heat? 

Are you excited for the Grizzlies-Thunder match up? 

How ‘bout those Bobcats? 

AP Photo/John Raoux

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  4. billyl33 answered: The Grizzlies’ chemistry and a potential breakout season from Rudy Gay, will make them West contenders. Got to love the matchup tonight.
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  7. jimmyinsurgent answered: hopefully Suns can win the game tonight
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    Lets go Clippers !!!
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  13. wwwltd-454 answered: 76ers,Celtics,Bucks,Rockets,Thunder,T’wolves,Mav’s,Bulls,Heat & GSW.Bettin’ man…Nope! but,here u Go!
  14. gabthegreat87 answered: Im taking philly, celtics, bucks, rockets, okc, timberwolves, mavs, bulls, clips,and hawks
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  16. give-peasachance answered: Here we go celtics here we go.! Were gonna kick utahs ass tonightt baby. Rondo, Bass, Garnett, and Pierce, they’re gonna be the stars tonight
  17. mickie-ezra answered: Heat
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  19. filmrevues answered: Grizz-Thunder matchup is definitely the best option for viewing tonight. Memphis’ Princeton-offense is in full form to star the season.
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