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Games Of Note - Tonight!!!???!!??!!?


  • Washington Wizards V. Charlotte Bobcats at 7pm/4pm on Local Channels/League Pass
  • the undefeated New York Knicks V. Orlando Magic at 7pm/4pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Toronto Raptors V. Indiana Pacers at 7pm/4pm on L.C./L.P.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers V. Brooklyn Nets at 7:30pm/4:30pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Portland Trailblazers V. Sacramento Kings at 10pm/7pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • San Antonio Spurs V. Los Angeles Lakers at 10:30pm/7:30pm on NBA TV/L.C. 

Who wins tonight?

Are you surprised by the Minnesota Timberwolves? 

Are the Knicks going to go 82-0? Are the Wizards going to go 0-82? 

AP Photo/Pat Sullivan

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  4. zebrastripes1234 answered: LA LAKERS
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  6. baileegraves answered: All that I know is that I like the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat. Those teams rock, I would like to go see Miami Heat.
  7. muchas-smooches answered: surely we can win against the bobcats…right guys?? :(
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  9. bellebasketball answered: #GoWolves!
  10. teeny-bop answered: Cats, Knicks, Pacers, Kings, and Spurs!
  11. mycleach answered: Adelman is Coach of the year, there is no denying it at this point. Kahn for Exec too. Went from being a laughing stock to THE DEEPEST TEAM!
  12. weaponsofmassdistraction answered: "Are the Knicks going to go 82-0" - hilarious!!!
  13. vatofromsananto answered: Spurs!
  14. alwaysnocturnalbatman answered: Cats, Knicks, Pacers, Nets, Blazers, Lakers.
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