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Who is your head coach, Laker fans?

You get to pick the next coach of the L.A. Lakers.

Who ya got?

  1. renzodiego answered: PHIL
  2. mulespro answered: phil jackson
  3. kchen-gls answered: derek fisher
  4. daniwages answered: Pjax
  5. filley1 answered: Stan van Gundy
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  7. lordoftheforbiddencity answered: if not phil, jerry sloan!
  8. thaillmatic answered: Mike D’Antoni
  9. littlekenni answered: uhmmmm anyone but Phil…
  10. veronicazhang24 answered: Phil!!
  11. hoomanao answered: yeah, i think it would be entertaining as hell to see KOBE as coach.
  12. louiexiv answered: kobe
  13. simiscool answered: Jeff Van Gundy!
  14. yoonvalee answered: phil jackson!!!
  15. soaringupabove answered: Phil Jackson
  16. sabrinahuynh answered: PHIL JACKSON PLEASE
  17. fried-tilapia answered: larry brown
  18. hardlikealgebra answered: Stan Van Gundy. (not a lakers fan here)
  19. goldfishdontbounce answered: Shaw, Jerry Sloan, but best of all Phil Jackson suggested hes open to coaching again!
  20. doingittodeath answered: Mike D’Antoni.
  21. suprfiscal answered: kobe
  22. nownorthwestern answered: Me.My play book is simple.Attack the basket.
  23. sonofsamo answered: jerry sloan
  24. basedlane answered: AVERY JOHNSON
  25. andrewgirgis answered: Phil Jackson
  26. accessmaincomputerfile answered: KONY2012 guy
  27. mygodcomplex reblogged this from nbaoffseason and added:
    I got a coach in mind… Vannnnnnnnnn Gundy!!!… But Dwight Howard won’t like that…
  28. jay-flair answered: Mike D’Ant
  29. bfishkin answered: Kobe Bryant taking the torch from Bill Russell. That death stare could keep even Dwight Howard in Check. Either that or Stan Van Gundy…ha!
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  31. griphy answered: Brad Stevens
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  33. aftermooon answered: Stephon Marbury
  34. meanballz answered:…
  35. kseat49 answered: Jordan Bahl
  36. thelaughingacademy answered: Brian Shaw.
  37. owahfittz answered: nate or sloan
  38. droppinmanyravers answered: i said Larry Brown or Jerry Sloan when Jackson retired.
  39. mattheweternal answered: Brian Shaw
  40. tumblryanneil answered: Mike D’antoni, Jerry Sloan, or Kobe Bryant as player/coach
  41. tgriffin6289 answered: bring phil back!!! lol
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