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Game Of Note - Tonight?!?!?!!!?!?!!

  • Western Conference Finals Rematch: Oklahoma City Thunder V. San Antonio Spurs at 9:30pm/6:30pm on TNT 

Due to tropical storm Sandy, the New York Knicks V. Brooklyn Nets has been postponed 

Who wins tonight?

Did you have a fun and safe Halloween?

I thought Mike Brown was a defensive specialist? 

How about James Harden? 

AP Photo/Mark J Terrill

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    Pretty excited to see my dudes on the court again, but it’s gonna be weird without Beard.
  7. thecurtisxperiment answered: San Antonio
  8. ummhello answered: spurs win. mike brown won’t be coaching at all star break. the beard is legit.
  9. yeinercha answered: Oklahoma City Thunder
  10. flightdelay answered: Spurs win.
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  12. okidris answered: Thunder wins. I worked. Mike Brown is slipping. James Harden has always been this good.
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