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Game Of Note - Tonight?!?!?!!!?!?!!

Happy Halloween! 

  • Indiana Pacers V. Toronto Raptors at 7pm/4pm on Local Channels/League Pass
  • Denver Nuggets V. Philadelphia 76ers at 7pm/4pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Houston Rockets V. Detroit Pistons at 7:30pm/4:30pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Sacramento Kings V. Chicago Bulls at 8pm/5pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • San Antonio Spurs V. New Orleans Hornets at 8pm/5pm on NBA TV/L.C. 
  • Dallas Mavericks V. Utah Jazz at 9pm/6pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Golden State Warriors V. Phoenix Suns at 10pm/7pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Memphis Grizzlies V. Los Angeles Clippers at 10:30pm/7:30pm on L.C./L.P. 
  • Los Angeles Lakers V. Portland Trailblazers at 10:30pm/7:30pm on NBA TV/L.C. 

Who wins tonight?

What’s the deal with the Princeton offense? 

Will Anderson Varejao continue to rebound at this insane rate? 

What are your thoughts on Rajon Rondo’s late foul on Dwyane Wade? 

  1. cowboysfanms54 answered: LAKERS
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  3. these-niggaz-are-real answered: Rondo should have dislocated his elbow and ended his season, then it would have been ok since thats what d wade did to him a few years back.
  4. teeny-bop answered: KINGS!!!
  5. thisistheurlok answered: Nuggets Vs. 6ers is my game to watch. Iggy already getting back against his old team; Clips and Grizz too. L.A. will be fine and Rondo’s a B.
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  7. kseat49 answered: Bulls over Kings
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  13. hahahatangina answered: pacers,nuggets,rockets,bulls,spurs,mavs,GSW,clips,lakers..mike brown suck…no..karma on wade for his dirty plays in recent years
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