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And the number one reason to vote for your Knicks players in the All-Star game: because celebrities told you to!

From Ad-Rock to Amber Rose (Yeezy taught her to vote Amar’e), Drake to Darkman himself Liam Neeson, it seems like everyone but Rosie Perez is coming together to remind you to vote for Amar’e, Gallo, and Felton in this year’s All-Star ballot. In an alternate universe, all these celebrities are also endorsing our new Knicks tee which you can buy at our Spreadshirt store. I know you’re a Ramones fan, Horovitz.


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    Awesome mix by Knicks fans to get Amar’e, Felton and Gallo to join the All Star games. Lupit.
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    Amare for MVP.
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