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  3. njrover answered: Well glad Steve Nash moved to LA,Knicks are just confused people,they have Bibby,Davis,Shumphet,Douglas,Lin & still wanted Nash at PG.
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  5. hexmark answered: HAHA TIME FOR NO DEFENSE
  6. doneclarks answered: I’m a Knicks fan, and I love Nash. This deal will make the Knicks better than they are now, but I don’t think this is the path to a banner
  7. drevil8 answered: Its a perfect fit for Nash. That team isnt gonna play defence and nash will help push the ball and set up the rest of the team.
  8. battlescarredshogun answered: *Marv Albert voice* Yessss!
  9. call-us-bonnie-and-clyde answered: Terrible.. I know Steve Nash is a GREAT Player, but Shump is a key player to the Knicks. Plus we have emerging star J Lin!
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  11. joseph6758 answered: dont send shumpert
  12. jleeishere answered: why would he go to the knicks, they fucked over d’antoni.
  13. canadiancardboard answered: Can’t say from a Knicks perspective… disappointed as a Raptors fan, though
  14. thoughtsofalabo answered: I’m disgusted that Shumpert had to go but we needed to do something. I worry about how bad we’ll be defensively
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  17. lvncts answered: shump has a lot of potential in him; nash has no defensive game and will only play for 3-4 more years??? not worth it
  18. bonsoirfroggie answered: That is all we’re going to get for Nash? Wtf? Come on, Suns, stop being stupid!
  19. marlhon answered: definitely don’t want to give up iman…
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    Thetter not give away our best defender. Shumpert is the only one who plays defense on the team besides chandler
  22. tybaltsanchez answered: Good.
  23. oakleyscarwash answered: If Lin gets a poison pill we are paying around $90 million to five players in 2014-15
  24. colbiebryan answered: Don’t like the idea of sending Shumpert away.
  25. iamalfff answered: I’d be pretty sad to see Shump go, but Steve Nash…
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    Assuming this deal went through and Lin’s offer was matched, the Knicks would have $85 million devoted to 5 players in...
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  28. labelsandlogos answered: Losing Lin and Shump would be a mistake.
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  30. leaguerulesfrownupon answered: Is there something stronger than LOL? Maybe one that implies how hilarious and depressing this is?
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