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Red Auerbach explains flopping and why he hates it with the help of Wes Unseld, Paul Silas, Elvin Hayes, Clem Haskins, and Mike Reardon (worst flopper ever).

His plea to end flopping is not directed at the players or even referees. He blames coaches, high school to the pros. “Lets not hurt the game.” And when you compare the flopping in this video to what we see in todays NBA it becomes quite apparent that the league has been long overdue for a course correction.

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    I hate flopping in any sport.
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    come on guys, keep it clean.
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    Automatic Clem Haskins auto-reblog./rips off jacket /cheats
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    Stephen Curry talked about how in his first year with Golden State, Don Nelson held drills on how to sell calls....
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    This is what Jeff Van Gundy watches instead of pornography.
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