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There just can’t be any basketball gods given the way this season went for the Bulls. None apparently interested in fairness, anyway.”

—The inimitable Bulls beat writer Sam Smith on this Bulls season

The old basketball based gods and the new. The old basketball based gods, well, a Bull walked among them. These new gods, however, have been a real pain in the you know what (earmuffs: the a$$). Someone gave birth to a smoke monster underneath the United Center and brought down the would-be kingdom. Too dramatic? Maybe, but HEY there is always next year.

HEY look, it’s next year! Welcome to the Chicago Bulls 2012-13 season which will begin at the ending— the beginding. Hopefully, Derrick Rose will be jogging in place. Most likely, Luol Deng will be out because of wrist surgery that he is putting off until after his England national team gets blown out by the Republic of Wadiya in the summer Olympics.

And Carlos Boozer. Send a raven to Gar Foreman and John Paxson requesting an immediate amnesty. In fairness, Boozer had a solid season but the taxonomy of an NBA team is based on salary, and 15 points with 8 rebounds leaves Chicago with a 3-year $40 million dollar-sized hole where their second best player should be. It is a legit question “who fills that hole if Boozer gets let go?” At this point doing it to make more room for Taj Gibson and Omer Asik feels like a good enough answer.

Given Rose’s injury and the time it will take to adjust to it once he’s back on the court the Bulls may not be truly whole until 2013. Even then you can’t expect Rose to carry the same offensive burden he has these past two seasons. It is up to Chicago’s front office to have the foresight to lessen that burden where and when it can.

A man has said.


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