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Games Of Note - Tonight!!!???!!??!!?

Fun! Fun! Fun! Friday! 

  • Memphis Grizzlies V. Charlotte Bobcats at 7pm/4pm on Local Channels/League Pass
  • Boston Celtics V. Atlanta Hawks at 7pm/4pm on ESPN
  • New York Knicks V. Cleveland Cavaliers at 7:30pm/4:30pm on Local Channels/League Pass
  • Golden State Warriors V. Dallas Mavericks at 8:30pm/5pm on Local Channels/League Pass
  • Los Angeles Lakers V. San Antonio Spurs at 9:30pm/6:30pm on ESPN
  • Oklahoma City Thunder V. Sacramento Kings at 10pm/7pm on Local Channels/League Pass

Who wins tonight?

Will Amar’e new cornrows wreck Carmelo’s flow?

With half the Celtics not dressing will Stiemsma go for 40 (minutes)?

How long will it take for Kobe to knock off the rust?

  1. mariajose02 answered: e,e
  2. teeny-bop answered: Kings!! \o/
  3. kablamm answered: wake me when the playoffs start.
  4. toojiggy answered: Grizz, Celtics,Knicks, Mavs, Spurs, Thunder. Yes. No. 17 minutes.
  5. vatofromsananto answered: Spurs!
  6. chato66 answered: Lakers all the way
  7. nbaoffseason posted this
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