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  1. soontobemrclutch answered: Underrated for sure. But hes a all-star now.
  2. mcnultyandothergods answered: overpaid yet underrated
  3. a2k808 answered: enigmatic
  4. hinewin answered: underrated for sure
  5. trevoraverill answered: Underrated
  6. mabreezy answered: underrated
  7. rooksworld answered: underrated
  8. lozthreer answered: unselfish/athletic/talented/hardworking/defensivegenius/xversatile/factor
  9. mashuni answered: underrated
  10. hardlikealgebra answered: Really Good.
  11. taetaeboogie answered: underrated
  12. glennsit0 answered: african-american
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  14. sisypheantask answered: underrated
  15. nickynicholson answered: A monster
  16. indecisive-jaron answered: Definitely underrated. But isn’t someone you build a franchise around, he’s a key player to have.
  17. bittermigger answered: Ugly.
  18. sxlie answered: a beast
  19. pandamindtricks answered: Definitely a roleplayer. Like an underdog superstar if thats possible
  20. flyingrhino answered: underrated point forward
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  22. lukebron answered: An NBA player who could be an allstar a few times but will never be a Hall of Famer.
  23. robnominal answered: overpaid/overrated
  24. oldirtymath answered: A roleplayer in a superstars body
  25. santiago9033 answered: A f*ckin boss.
  26. tomatocans answered: underrated
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