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  1. zbosheadband answered: Yup.
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  3. roomfouronefive answered: dunk = ball coming at a downward trajectory. no arc. just coming off the fingers down into the rim. if you can get that high fuck it.
  4. 3pointkidd24 answered: Yes he does, it wouldnt be a throw in or a shot if the fingers dont touch rim….
  5. floatingonthatchronic answered: blake balls so hard, definite master of the throw down
  6. lifewaswritten answered: Well this time around his fingers did make contact with the rim, so credit this one a dunk unlike the one he had on Mozgov.
  7. negroskijonesworld answered: Yep
  8. oxfordsandafros answered: Blake is the most explosive in the air IMO, Lebron doesn’t bring it down with as much power but his transition game is beast.
  9. santanamane answered: yup he sure is along with DeAndre Jordan but i wouldnt say hes the master of the “throw down” lebron is acrobatic with blake you just lob it
  10. bonsoirfroggie answered: Blake > LeBron
  11. thatrobotx answered: Nothing says that you have to touch the rim for a dunk and technically Blake did touch the rim
  12. fluxland answered: When the fingers do not touch it is a throw down! (in my hands down! man down!Jackson voice)
  13. natatat-tat answered: Blake’s Mosgov & Perkins dunks were actually throw downs. Somewhat impressive, but I’d rather see the fingers/wrist touch the rim.
  14. bjsoup answered: He’s more terrifying than lebron. After he dunked on Perkins, Durant was under the rim for his next dunk but ran away
  15. darthdream answered: Dwight Howard Won A Dunk Contest By Throwing The Ball In, So I Guess That Answers The Question.
  16. sportsvault answered: The ‘dunk’ last night while phenomenal was not a dunk…more like a slam throw.
  17. moosehuerta answered: fingers have to touch the rim. most definitely!
  18. ahhnuld answered: Vince Carter > Blake Griffin all day.
  19. schroeder1200 answered: I think they do. It was cool the first time I saw it but I definitely don’t consider it a dunk.
  20. lithal06 answered: yesss
  21. seanosaur answered: LeBron learned a few year ago that toning it back every now and then isn’t the worst thing in the world. Blake will learn that one day
  22. markfaragsenior1 answered: duhhh
  23. th3ryza answered: no they do not. i forgot where it was explained, but i remember the whole issue behind the dwight superman free throw line dunk.
  24. stylepoints answered: Anyone who played HS ball (and could dunk) knows you have to touch the rim. The throwdown is what you do in warmups to avoid a tech.
  25. ricomonster answered: it’s just a throw down and i can’t count it as a dunk.
  26. weaponsofmassdistraction answered: The throwdown is a much harder mover because you have to get higher to pull it off. You throw it down because you’re too high to dunk it.
  27. jmoney5 answered: LeBron will always be a better dunker than Blake even though blake is younger than LeBron.
  28. amarkicano answered: If people argue over whether or not Blake did a legitimate dunk or not, it just takes away from the sheer awesomeness and glory of the act
  29. mattbiggavel answered: i think blake is really hit or miss. sometimes he can’t control his body in the air unlike lebron who is capable of finishing around defender
  30. maddlou answered: I would say yup… Its not a dunk if fingers, hands,wrist,elbow head something dont hit rim. It’ll be a lay-up then… all still 2 pts..
  31. truthfullyimme answered: yes otherwise your throwing the ball in the net…
  32. sisemantari answered: su iç su iyi gelir :))
  33. jefferrrson answered: No shit. Or else someone can just thrash it in.
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