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NBA Haikus - 2011-2012 Season Preview - The Northwest Division

It’s going to be a short season after an even shorter off-season. We had limited time to track player movement, team development and bring you in depth team analysis, like we did last year. So the bros and bro-ettes at NBAO decided we’ll follow in the footsteps of the NBA and provide you with abbreviated team previews in the best way possible, haikus.

Our fourth installment of NBA Haikus is dedicated to the Western Conference’s Northwest Division. We will all miss Brandon Roy but this is probably the funnest division in basketball. Minny’s Rubio and Love connection, Portland’s plug-and-play roster, Denver’s gang of unknowns and OKC’s young bloods. My prediction? Thunder up!

Western Conference - Northwest Division:

Denver Nuggets:
Aaron Afflalo
Denver will make the playoffs
Still miss JR Smith

Minnesota Timberwolves:
Skinny Kevin Love
Rambis out, Adelman in
Go Rubio, go!

Oklahoma City Thunder:
Dunks, blocks, wins and beards
Durant’s third scoring title
Trip to the Finals

Portland Trail Blazers:
Brandon Roy is gone
Oden forever injured
Sad trombone, Rip City

Utah Jazz:
It’s hard to look good
in fancy new uniforms
with latent talent

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Penned by the undiscovered poets of the tumblrwebs:KristinDouglasMark,ThomasSeanCarlosMichaelKeith, Parker, and Shane.

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