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NBA Haikus - 2011-2012 Season Preview - The Central Division

It’s going to be a short season after an even shorter off-season. We had limited time to track player movement, team development and bring you in depth team analysis, like we did last year. So the bros and bro-ettes at NBAO decided we’ll follow in the footsteps of the NBA and provide you with abbreviated team previews in the best way possible, haikus.

Our second installment of NBA Haikus is dedicated to the Eastern Conference’s Central Division. A division that seems to be heading towards mediocrity, given the aging Celtics, the lack of depth of the Knicks, uncertainty of the Nets and the permanent stench of the Raptors.

Eastern Conference - Atlantic Division:

Chicago Bulls:
Sign Rip Hamilton
A two guard ghost protocol
The ghost is MJ

Cleveland Cavaliers: 
Brad’s hot in Cleveland
Trade LeBron to New Orleans
Angry emails work

Detroit Pistons:
The perfect roster
for making a playoff run
in the FIBA league

Indiana Pacers:
Welcome back, Foster
Conseco, not Canseco
An eighth seed awaits

Milwaukee Bucks:
StackJack in Wisco
Like orange juice with corn flakes
Offbeat, yet tasty

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Penned by the undiscovered poets of the tumblrwebs: KristinDouglasMark,ThomasSeanCarlosMichaelKeith, Parker, and Shane.

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