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Any team coupling the spirit of Stephen Jackson with the coaching methods of Larry Brown has to be intriguing to watch.  You have to admit, it’s sort of impressive how they limped into the playoffs last year on their defensive ability alone (DRtg- 102.8, 1st).

This upcoming 2010-11 season seems to hold the same amount of mystery as last year.  There wasn’t too much shuffling of the roster this summer.  The one glaring loss has to be at point guard, with Felton (Win Shares- 6.5) leaving for New Yawk.  Other than that, the core of the franchise remains in tact. 

CRASH will be CRASH.  Jax is going to put up the usual 19, 5, 4.  Boris Diaw will flummox fantasy owners worldwide.  Coach Brown will shout defensive schemes until his diaphragm slowly deteriorates (I hope that doesn’t happen). Tyrus Thomas is going to finally become the Stromile Swift-like player we all KNOW he was meant to be.  Derrick Brown could turn into David West 2.0.  The rest is up to the basketball gods.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 

However, with an owner like Michael Jeffrey Jordan, mediocrity cannot be tolerated.  He knows better; the greatest expects greatness.  Thus, I expect them to barely miss out on nabbing that coveted 8th seed in the East.  The Knicks, Heat, Pacers, and Bucks all improved greatly in the off-season, while Charlotte stood pat.  Maybe it’s because I hate D.J. Augustin.

Key Additions:
Kwame Brown (?), Sherron Collins, Darius Miles (head bump).

Key Subtractions:
Raymond Felton, Raja Bell’s defensive presence & Tyson Chandler’s innate ability to finish alley-oops.

Predictions & Fun Facts:

  • The ‘Cats win 40 games and miss the playoffs.
  • Kwame will be waived.
  • Nazr Mohammed starts at least 15 games at center.
  • Twitter: @bobcats @tythomas12 @NazrMohammed
  • Site: Queen City Hoops
  • D.J. Augustin makes me look bad.

Stats via

- huhwhatandwhere AKA: oakley&allen.

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