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    (via nbaoffseason) This list is wrong
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  3. votepaulfordictator answered: How is Shaq over Hakeem Olajuwon?
  4. viscerality answered: this list is dumb.
  5. edeani answered: Talent-wise, LeBron is in the top 10, period.
  6. waxandmilk answered: DUNCAN OVER BIRD??? This list fails. SLAM we are done, professionally.
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    I threw this argument out there during the Finals(I admit I overrated Dr. J) on the NBAplayoffs blog & looks like I was...
  8. skeetonmischa answered: Magic is better than Shaq
  9. morethanles answered: He’s in it, I just wanna know why wilit is over bill
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    Here’s their top
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